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How to Start Cloud Mining

Step 1:

Go to  and click on “Start Mining Now!” If you would like to view their blog, pricing, offer, or more details about Genesis Mining before hand please peruse those pages.

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Step 2:

To create an account you must enter an email address and password. In addition click on the reCAPTCHA button and then “Sign Up”. This will take you to the next page, no confirmation of an email address is currently needed.

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Step 3:

You are currently at the dashboard, once you have engaged in contracts, this is where you are able to see where your hashpower is allocated. To buy a contract click in the top left, “Start Mining Now”.

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Step 4:

You can purchase multiple contracts at the same tim . To do so, use the sliders to decide how much hashpower you would like to allocate in each cryptocurrency. Please reference online calculators to estimate your revenue from your respective hashpower. Remember to consider the cost of the maintenance fee when calculating your estimated return. Once you have selected the contracts you would like to purchase, select your payment method in the bottom left.

Genesis Mining Promo code - ukYlRS

Step 5:

You have multiple options of payment methods, select your preferred method and click on it to continue.

Genesis Mining Promo code - ukYlRS

Step 6:

Finally, this is the overview of your purchase. To receive a discount on your contract enter:


Genesis Mining Promo code - ukYlRS

This will allow you to get a discount on all purchased contracts. Validate the code and then review and agree on the purchase terms. Once you have fully reviewed your contract and are in alignment with it, click on confirm order. Depending on your payment method, Genesis will now guide you through the process to complete payment. Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive your hashpower and automatically start mining!

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